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Depth Filtration Products


GE Putrex Spun Bonded

One of the most popular depth filtration cartridges for non-critical applications, with WRAS approval. Long-life, low-cost, additive free filtration.


GE Putrex Bond Filter

GE Hytrex Spun Bonded

A high-performance depth filtration spun range from GE delivering long-life and high-efficiency for heavy-duty and critical applications.


SPECTRUM TruDepth Spun-Bonded

A durable single-use depth filtration cartridge offering the best all-round protection in terms of functionality & cost. Designed to resist a wide range of chemical solutions.


ProBond Resin-Bonded

Resin-bonded depth filtration cartridges have a unique, two-stage filtration design to maximize particle removal and service life in viscous and/or high temperature fluid filtration applications.



Traditionally known as ‘String’ type, the SPECTRUM Wound depth filtration range is a perfectly suited pre-filter to protect more expensive secondary or final filtration systems. Offered in three media options with a wide range of micron ratings.