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Plant Master

Plant Master is an easy to use Computerised Maintenance Management system with almost 40 installations in Ireland and the UK

Plant Master can cater for two types of Maintenance Routines -

Multiple Asset Routine
Is generally used when you require a Work Order to refer to several Assets. Assets of different types, each with it's own procedure can be included in the Routine.

Single Asset Routine
Is generally used when you require a Work Order to refer to a single Asset. A detailed procedure to be followed during the P.M. can be stored in the Routine. Procedures are generally more detailed than those stored in Multiple Asset Routines.

Multiple Asset Routines offer the major advantage that they dramatically reduce the number of Work Orders which are printed for Periodic Maintenances. They have no negative impact on the history of their Assets and are ideally suited to be used with Associated Work Orders.

Details of the work to be carried out during the maintenance are stored in the Routines Masterfiles which can be accessed via the Masterfiles menu.
The graphical Scheduler, which is automatically updated by the system, enables you to see and adjust the maintenance workload for each day. Each Periodic Maintenance appears in the Scheduler repeatedly depending on the frequency with which it is done.

Periodic Work Orders can be printed from within the Scheduler. Each Work Order is allocated the next consecutive Work Order number as it is printed.
Once printed, the Work Orders are automatically stored into the Work Order Log, from where they can be updated when the work is completed.
Note! Plant Master also has the ability to print Periodic Work Orders depending on how heavily a Plant Item has been used.

This is called Throughput Maintenance.

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